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Surgicore is a premier medical devices importer, distributor and surgeon B2B facilitator based in Sydney, Australia. We were established in 2010 with the aim of bringing innovative products to the Asia Pacific market and placing them in the hands of the best surgical and medical practitioners in order to improve patient outcomes along with medical/surgical care continuum.


We achieve this through aligning ourselves with the best, most innovative manufacturers worldwide. Companies who are looking to gain a foothold into the competitive Asia Pacific arena look to Surgicore to show them the way by providing key market access opportunities and infrastructure. 


Our surgeon development practice is designed to enhance and optimise the potential of our surgeons in their clinical area of expertise. We optimise their web presence, social media and in office infrastructure so that they are promoting their practice in the best possible way to continue to attract patients and build sustainable businesses.  


Since its inception, Surgicore has generated  $10's of millions in sales revenue across multiple sectors for its partner organisations and along with accelerating the growth of our surgeons businesses.


Through our extensive knowledge of the Asia Pacific medical devices sector, and the regulatory requirements necessary to bring medical products to market, we are well placed to offer this service to both small and large organisations wishing to grow their brand "down under".


We are serious about providing our customers with a level of service which exceeds their expectation, which is why we have invested in an infrastructure that brings commercial, technical, clinical, and administrative excellence.

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